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Giulia posted a comment on this blog post | 2800
2800 sure-footed hooved steps, you sturdy old goat.  (You may not have the quit clock on our page, but you seem to know the amount of days anyway.)    If two years drops the recidivism...
(33 minutes ago)

linda.mustafa posted a comment on this blog post | Health Update... Thank you for caring!
So nice to hear from you again Stace, I really wish you get better very very soon , and congratulations for keeping them away from your face regardless of how you feel,...
(34 minutes ago)

Giulia posted a comment on this blog post | 50 days yayaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(59 minutes ago)


Quit one month and 9 days ago

Posted by NewRoad on December 31, 1969 at 1:23pm in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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Hello. I quit on April 5, just over a month ago. I was doing pretty good but these last few days have gotten rough.  The chemicals should be out of my system by now, so I suppose the desire to smoke is just the old habit tugging at me.. Am I thinking correctly on that?  Any ideas on how to curb the urge, and how L-O-N-G this urge to smoke is going to last before I just forget all about it and move on with my smoke-free life?   Thanks to all.

Last updated 477 days ago by NewRoad

Hi NewRoad, go to the Blue Blogs tab and post this! I'm afraid no one will see it here. We all hang out on Blogs! We call a month plus quit NoMan'sLand! You'll get lots of feedback if you post on the blogs.

Nyima 1.6.13 477 days ago

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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