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zackie09 (5.12.14) posted a comment on this blog post | A little better.
Thank you! Things are getting better. little day by day. But im makin progress Zackie
(8 hours ago)

zackie09 (5.12.14) has posted a new comment on this discussion topic | September 2014 Daily Pledge----Falling Leaves and Quits Standing Strong
I gladly take your hand Summer. And I pledge not to smoke for the next 24 hours and I extend my free hand to the next person in line Zackie 112 Days!
(8 hours ago)

Enslaved posted a comment on this blog post | A little better.
Good Luck with everything.  I'll be praying for you....
(8 hours ago)


I am brand new

Posted by michelle on December 31, 1969 at 12:32pm in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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I am brand new to this site.  My quit date is June 1st.  I am ignoring my triggers right now and only allowing myself to smoke outside, without coffee, alone on my deck.  I am hoping this will get my trigger-fighting muscles in shape for June 1st.  Hoo-rah!

Last updated 482 days ago by michelle


   I think you are on the right track. I'm new too, and that is what I did for 2 wks before I bought any patches. I quit a day early because I ran out of smokes, and it was a choice to buy a pack or buy patches. But, I really really miss the cigarret I had on my front porch with my first cup of coffee. I'  am drinking my coffee though a straw now, and today I felt strong enough to sit on my porch and drink it. It felt good to do my normal routine, even though now I'm drinking with a straw. But, I'm not smoking. You can find substitutes too. Just use your imagination.


xenon 470 days ago

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