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freeneasy posted a comment on this blog post | You Don't Have to Do That Anymore
Yep-every now and then I get a thought. hmm one would 'comforting now'BUT THEN I THINK YEA RIGHT -C"MON  JIMMY WHAT THE $#&% IS WRONG WITH YOU! YOU WILL PROBABLY HAVE A COUGHING...
(12 minutes ago)

Nyima 1.6.13 posted a comment on this blog post | Bonfire!!!! Happy 4th of July!!!
31,850......yay me! Sitting at the Detroit airport trying to get home but I wanted to get my count in! Can't wait to see the final count! Congratulations to everyone from kindling to...
(48 minutes ago)

elvan posted a comment on this blog post | You Don't Have to Do That Anymore
So very true, you WILL NEVER REGRET IT!
(57 minutes ago)


Good Morning and Hello

Posted by TNull2012 on December 31, 1969 at 11:10am in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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My name is Tiffini, I am 28 years old and have a beautiful family of 2 little boys and an amazing husband. I have decided it is the time to quit.  I am so tired of failing every time I try to quit and wanting to so bad until that first urge hits me.  I am determined to make it this time and nothing is going to stand in my way... except addiction, but even that can be conquered!


I was wondering if anyone else was having problems with the app for iPhone.

Last updated 790 days ago by TNull2012

Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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