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c2q updated a blog post titled hello young quitters (4 minutes ago)

Green thumb posted a comment on this blog post | DAY 3
Your doing great and it gets better in time I promise 
(10 minutes ago)

nickena34 posted a comment on this blog post | Environmental “Vaping”
I have been using my ecig for about 4 days and so far have not even touched a cigarette, it's a lot less harmful to me than the cigarettes.  I find it as a helpful tool to quit and then go...
(16 minutes ago)


Good Morning and Hello

Posted by TNull2012 on December 31, 1969 at 10:10am in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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My name is Tiffini, I am 28 years old and have a beautiful family of 2 little boys and an amazing husband. I have decided it is the time to quit.  I am so tired of failing every time I try to quit and wanting to so bad until that first urge hits me.  I am determined to make it this time and nothing is going to stand in my way... except addiction, but even that can be conquered!


I was wondering if anyone else was having problems with the app for iPhone.

Last updated 353 days ago by TNull2012

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