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Posted by erict on December 31, 1969 at 2:20am in Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

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I'm a veteran quitter and relapser.  Either I can take that experience and resolve myself to a habit that will eventually do me in and/or destroy my quality of life, or I can take it and put smoking behind me for good.  I think I'll choose #2.

My name is, of course, Eric.  I'm very serious about quitting smoking once and for all, and I'm looking to the people here to help support me as I will do for you. 

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I am also a quitter and relapser to but so far so good I have been quit going on 2 months havent had a real bad craving yet, this time I am just thinking one day at a time before I would think that if my cravings werent gone after a month I would go back to smoking and I did this time I am just thinking one day at a time and not thinking of the future Hopefully it works

smokeless 1263 days ago

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That sounds perfecrtly sane to me!! Just keep it real simple . If it is working don't fix it. This sounds lik a veery young and smart person who TRULY wants to quit.Im proud of you. I wish i had...
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