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25 Days Smoke Free!!!!

3042 days ago

Woo Hoo, Ashley - can you feel it? You are just a mere 3 days away from ONE MONTH SMOKE FREE!! Keep up the good work!! We're doing this happy dance just for you!!



3042 days ago

I have been quit for 3 Weeks, 4 Days, 18 hours, 15 minutes and 39 seconds (25 days). I have saved $56.61 by not smoking 180 cigarettes. I have saved 15 hours of my life. My Quit Date: 6/1/2008 8:02 PM

3042 days ago

Awesome for you! Keep up the quit and stay focused.

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Terrie quit 07-06-2015 posted a comment on this blog post | Hard to believe
Congratulations on 9 months, Lori! It's nice when the hard part is over and all we have to do is protect it! Don't Quit on your Quit!
(13 minutes ago)

shashort (5-13-2016) posted a comment on this blog post | Vegetable Poker
Picky people around here hahahaha  I will still eat your corn Trudy and count it as my vegetable hahahah love ya Terrie :) Terrie I see your cilantra and raise a chive
(14 minutes ago)

MePlus3 posted a comment on this blog post | Vegetable Poker
I see your cilantro and raise you some chard (I looked it up sorry) playing this game help me realize why I'm underweight Im missing out terribly lol
(18 minutes ago)


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