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It's time to buckle up!

November 18, 2016

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It’s time!  We're getting closer to moving, so now is the time to *really* start paying attention! Our estimated move date is in mid-January. Starting next week, you can expect regular updates as dates firm up. Here's what we recommend doing now:

Check your notification settings. If you're worried about missing any crucial information, make sure that you are set to receive email from BecomeAnEX. Go to http://www.becomeanex.org/edit-profile.php# and make sure... Read full post

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Final Notice: Update Your BecomeAnEX Community Username

December 3, 2016

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Many of you have received this email last night but I wanted to give you all one more notification of it just in case you hadn't seen it. Here is a copy of the message that was sent.

If you have not yet already done so, today is the last day to update your BecomeAnEX username! If you already have, many thanks for taking action so promptly.

If you have not yet updated your username, please read on!

Why: The new community platform requires all usernames are... Read full post

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Username Update Complete

December 16, 2016


Greetings Everyone! 

As many know we’ve been taking steps to prep the current community for migration to a new community platform early next year.  One big step in that process was to get everyone to have their own unique username. I’m excited to say that step is complete. While many of you changed their username on your own, I have noticed some active members now have new usernames where a number has been added, if they were not the oldest... Read full post

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Moderation and Spam in the New Ex Community

December 22, 2016

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Reporting comments and accounts, especially to report or block spam, has been a major source of stress for the BecomeAnEX Community. As we forge ahead into a new technology platform, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some major improvements on this topic.

Abuse Reporting

All members of the Community will have the ability to click a “Report Abuse” link in the Community. When a member clicks the link, a notification goes to an appropriate moderator. Until the... Read full post

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Get your profile in order for the new EX community

January 10, 2017

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As we move to a new platform, we’ve mentioned that personal profiles are going to be changing. In this blog post, we’re going to walk you through each of the areas expected to change and will suggest some ways that you can back up and update your profile so that you’ll be ready for the big move. 


Personal profiles are going to be different on Jive, our new platform. We know that many of you have taken pains to... Read full post

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Barbara145 posted a comment on this blog post | Scared Again
Good morning Christine.  So sorry your husband is so sick.  It has to be difficult for you.  I love your plan of giving it to God.  He will comfort both of you.  Great job of...
(3 minutes ago)

c2q posted a comment on this blog post | Update
Wishing you lots and lots of r.i.c.e. for your speedy recovery. Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.
(20 minutes ago)

Terrie_Quit posted a comment on this blog post | Thinking good thoughts for you Nancy on this Hump Day! :)
Good Morning, Marilyn! This is for you and Nancy! Enjoy your visit with Marion! Have a great day!  ~Terrie~  42 days!  I Won't Quit on my Quit! (ever again)
(21 minutes ago)


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