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elvan posted a comment on this blog post | Checking in
Good to hear, Connie.  You've got this.
(3 minutes ago)

elvan posted a comment on this blog post | $$$
CONGRATULATIONS, this is the beginning.  Just think how many bills you can pay, how many rewards you can give yourself!  I put away money every month because I would have found a way to buy...
(4 minutes ago)

jonescarp aka dale (1-2007) posted a comment on this blog post | $$$
Very Good! Money Saved Is Money Earned, Not Burned.
(4 minutes ago)



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What happens to your body after you smoke your last cigarette?

July 17, 2015

Did you know about all the good stuff that happens to your body after you smoke your last cigarette? It's pretty amazing! We created this infographic to show how your overall health improves every day that you live life without cigarettes. Share with your friends so they see all the great work you've been doing and learn about the benefits of becoming an EX.


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Stronger Than Your Past

July 30, 2015

Early in my quit, I remember someone here openly relapsing, and I had thought to myself, "If that is my inevitable fate, too, then just give me the cigarettes NOW and let’s be done with it!"


That was very early in my quit, before time and experience allowed me to embrace the concept that, when faced with the exact same stressors, I was now both willing to and training to react in other ways. I’m still open to new relapse prevention strategies, even to... Read full post

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