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sparky posted a comment on this blog post | 14 days to quit
Andrea , I smoked for 47 years , I now have 111 smoke free days . The first few days are the toughest, remember the five Ds . Stay close to this site if you can , listen to jonescarp Aka Dale ,...
(35 minutes ago)

Ms. J November, 10 2013 posted a comment on this blog post | Here we are.....holding the door open for Moody!
Yo! Moody~ well you made it lady!!!!!!  So glad to see you here and I cannot wait till I can toast you and enter these golden doors.  So heres to youCause Nancy dosen't like it if we...
(36 minutes ago)

Marilyn (marmac) Quit Date 07-31-13 posted a comment on this blog post | Good morning eXmates:-)
As it should be! 121 Days is nothing to lose an ear over! Are you feeling artsy? Do you have the need to do a self portrait? Have you been hanging with Mike Tyson? Bwahahaha! Sorry...I just...
(40 minutes ago)



Your blog is whatever you want it to be. You can use it to ask questions, post links, share pictures or just talk about your day and how your quit is going. You can also support other members by commenting on their blog posts.

Three things to re-learn when you quit smoking

December 26, 2013

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Three things to re-learn when you quit smoking

If you've started thinking about your 2014 resolutions, or ways you'd like to change for the better in the coming year, you're not alone. And quitting smoking is often topping lists. But this new year’s, don’t make a resolution to quit smoking make a plan. The EX Plan is based on scientific research and practical advice from ex-smokers. It isn’t just about quitting smoking. It’s about “re-learning... Read full post

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Love Your Quit. Love Your Quitter

February 11, 2014

Too often, smokers are looked at as people who simply can't kick their "nasty habit." That's dead wrong. You know it and we know it. Smoking is an addiction. 

When smokers have support from their loved ones, they have a better chance of quitting -- however many times it takes them to do it for good. Help us spread the love this Valentine's Day by sharing this video with the hashtag #LoveYourQuitter.

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Simply Relax and Let It Happen

May 27, 2014

~~Relax.  Life takes time.~~  Unknown


Deep breathing?  Check.

Meditation?  Check.

Yoga?  Check.

Yes, I have my relaxation techniques handy at all times.  They keep me on an even keel.  They keep me happy.  Life is easy when I relax and let it happen.

Stress used to be a way of life with me.  Finances, family drama, work......health, sleep....you name it, I was stressed.  I wish I could remember when things changed... Read full post

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Craves are like snakes...

July 10, 2014


During my recent hike through Congaree National Park, I realized that cigarette cravings are much like dealing with snakes in the wild. Let’s call them “snakerettes” and think about coexisting with them…


On this journey of ours, there will be snakerettes. They live in this territory, after all, and are a natural part of it. Remind yourself that snakerettes do not hunt you down on purpose. They are not “out to get you”. They are... Read full post

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Time to Start Thinking Outside of the Pack

August 5, 2014

                  My first blog about how I came to be a smoker, then an ex smoker, seemed to be well recieved so I figured I'd give it another go. I'd like to thank everyone who commented, or even read my post, for taking the time to do so. You have inspired me to share some more of my experiences and tips that helped me through some the rough... Read full post

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Quitting is tough, but you're not alone.

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