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Mike n @lanta wrote a new blog post titled Do ya?
If you can't handle today, do you really wanna do day one all over again? Just sayin, Keep on keepin on,
(60 minutes ago)

jimmie a littrell wrote a new blog post titled day 187
WOW.  Thanks to all of you for supporting me for all this time.  I feel great.  I just want to retire and take off!!!  One year to go. Love you all.  God bless all of us...
(an hour ago)

jimmie a littrell posted a comment on this blog post | Day 170...... getting close to 1/2 year !
Hi Bonnie! You are doing great my friend! Visit your sister with no fear.  You will probably not get a strong urge but if you do please think of me and the rest of us that are so proud...
(an hour ago)



Your blog is whatever you want it to be. You can use it to ask questions, post links, share pictures or just talk about your day and how your quit is going. You can also support other members by commenting on their blog posts.

What happens to your body after you smoke your last cigarette?

July 17, 2015

Did you know about all the good stuff that happens to your body after you smoke your last cigarette? It's pretty amazing! We created this infographic to show how your overall health improves every day that you live life without cigarettes. Share with your friends so they see all the great work you've been doing and learn about the benefits of becoming an EX.


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The Right Time to Stop Smoking

July 24, 2015

Have you ever waited for the perfect moment to do something and then find that you just…kept…waiting?


There are many times in life when waiting for the right moment is the smart thing to do.  Wait for the right job, relationship, car, house, vacation deal, or many other things.  You had a feeling that you should wait, and you did, and it paid off.


Well sometimes you wait and wait, and it seems like the right timing never happens.... Read full post

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