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John 10.16.14 posted a comment on this blog post | day 18 - had a slip
I think I stand corrected, a slip is NOT OK. Tough love, but I think Storm is more correct than my newbie perspective. Either way, it's done, move forward knowing people care.
(12 minutes ago)

John 10.16.14 posted on NotJustAQuitter's message board (18 minutes ago)

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A Busy Day Planned

October 22, 2014

Today is day 6, #5 was a bit tough, but this morning I feel all powerful.  My newfound Ex family is significantly responsible for helping me see and feel the freedom so clearly. I'm still waking up with a nasty taste in my mouth and craving that morning cigg with my coffee. The craving was much less this morning. I actually hopped out of bed when I woke instead of laying there contemplating. That's more normal for me and it felt good. Reading and blogging with the EX community has... Read full post

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47 hours and 45 minutes....

October 21, 2014

I haven't killed anyone or anything!  This is even better than my smoking days!  But honestly, sleep was so elusive last night that I was exhausted all day.  I just looked for those little breaks during the day when I could sleep and I never, ever relaxed with a cigarette in my hands!  I'd always heard too many stories of people losing their homes and their lives falling asleep with lit cigarettes that I never went near cigarettes when I was drowsy.

Having slept... Read full post

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Day 489

October 21, 2014

Four hundred eighty-nine days, it seems kind of crazy. I remember day 1 thinking how in the world will I ever make it to no man's land, let alone past it? After some time I got really good at not thinking a cigarette was a solution to any kind of problem I was dealing with, I found other coping methods and smoking wasn't an option. In fact, I think about smoking more in my dreams than I ever do while I'm awake. Last night I had a dream, and mine always feel so real, but for some... Read full post

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day 18 - had a slip

October 21, 2014

I had a lousy cigarette during a really much needed conversation about my life.  I knew I was going to smoke one, i wanted one.  I know the consequences of smoking.  the guilt, the wish I didn't etc.  I own it, and now I have got to keep going.  I have a patch ready to put on first thing in the morning, right next to me.  I hope that I can get passed the slip and keep trying 

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Bowled well tonight!

October 21, 2014

Yay!  I bowled "good" (better than the guys!) and we won three games. A couple of folks came in smelling like smoke. Was nice to know I didn't. :-). Blessings. One day at a time. ❤

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