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Thanks for your patience

October 27, 2016

This is all new to me , I've been posting on my own page and am all over the place kinda of the way my head is going . Anyway it's helping me out . Didn't smoke today !!!!

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Three days and Counting

October 27, 2016

Hi My name is Daryl,

I quit three days ago. I am a social drinker and I know that an event will be coming up soon. Is there any advise anyone can give me to stay on my course?

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880 days !

October 26, 2016

Checking in on you all , with my 880 days as a  ex smoker . 

Hope you are all feeling good . 

Remember smoking stinks, don't be a stinker ! 


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This is helping

October 26, 2016

I look back when I just happened to find this site , I can't even remember how ! I read my own blogs and can actually see what this addiction has done to me . I have smoked for 45 years and never "really" wanted to stop. I watched vary dear friend ,who was a dad to me have a lung and 1/4 taken out . We did roofing together and would sit up on the peak for an hour after work and smoke well he spoke like a wise old Indian he was 65 at 70 he was still at it only he would sit up there with an... Read full post

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Cream of tater an orange juice

October 26, 2016

Take a Google it an it will give you step by step details I talked it over with my doctors an pulmonary Dr. An they told me it does work an is all natural. If I could figure out how to copy it to the blog I would. It's in the spice section at the grocery store it called ...cream of tarter with 8oz of orange juice drink it before bed... It does work an all other question an concern about it just Google it an it will pull up the information.. How does cream of tarter help with quiting smoking...... Read full post

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