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I am so glad you are getting excited. It's a GREAT way to start! I can't wait, either! Nancy
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Getting ready

July 3, 2015

hello. I'm send all my supplies out of the house with a friend that will be happy to put them to use. Poor him!! 2 days till my quit everything is ready. I am read some of your old blogs and read the easy way over again. I am actually getting excited to make it all a part of my past. Happy 4th to all! Probably see you at the bon fire.     Grandbunn

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Lucky numbers! 77 = 11

July 3, 2015

Loving the numbers!!!  77 days!  That means 11 weeks!  I never imagined deep down I could do this.   But I'm doing it!  It gets easier.  Those hard days, you all helped me.   The successes you applauded.  The dark days you shined light upon me.  I'm grateful to be an eX.  

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The Roswell Incident.

July 3, 2015

On July 3 , 1947  a U.F.O. crashed just outside of Roswell N.M.. okay well that's what some believe anyhow. I live in Roswell, n.m. And now every year for the past 20 years we have our u.f.o. festival./ 4th of July celebration / Cosmicon.  People have actually come from all over for this .

So I well mostly try to stay home , although some stuff is kind of fun . Like the alien pet contest , the winning dog gets 50 bucks ! And they also have one for people . Vendors of course... Read full post

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day 160

July 3, 2015

nice round number!!  everybody have a safe and smoke free weekend!

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Happy 4th Everyone!

July 3, 2015

Just had a craving for a cigarette while cleaning the kitchen/moving stuff around.  I consider the world a potential trigger and every occasion was a good occasion to smoke, however, I really do still, I guess associate smoking/nicotine use with being in the middle of a project.

In 12-step meetings I would probably at this point look at it as a step 6/7 issue and say God, please take this craving away if it is your will and then I would focus on doing the next right thing.  On... Read full post

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