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Jaxson1 quit 01~16~2014 posted a comment on this blog post | It's time to Party!
This tigress is jumping on this party boat and adding another 4,640 cigarettes not smoked to this blazing inferno!-!
(5 hours ago)

Smorgy (quit forever on 8-5-13) posted a comment on this blog post | It's time to Party!
OK, Nashville Crew is adding 429, 640 to the bonfire..... That's a grand total at this point of 571,818 For the EX Family clan! Keep bringing them everyone....... I need to shut down...
(5 hours ago)

eric l posted a comment on this blog post | one day at a time
Thanks everybody! And now sleepyville and back to work at 6 a
(5 hours ago)



Your blog is whatever you want it to be. You can use it to ask questions, post links, share pictures or just talk about your day and how your quit is going. You can also support other members by commenting on their blog posts.


April 26, 2015

My day-keeper says 55 today. 55 days and counting. I still haven't decided to move my quit date up. I think I'll give it another week before deciding. But I am still 100% going to work on it. Every cig I take out, I stare at. I try to remember to smoke with mindfulness... to see what the ---- is so great with it. Nothing really. Sometimes they taste good. But waking up in the morning with a sore throat.... is it worth it? Nope.

I've lied to myself so many mornings. It's... Read full post

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3 months

April 26, 2015

Today is my 3 month milestone, i am so proud of myself. Couldnt of done this without the support i have had on this site. many thanks to all who have stood by me on the way. So let me make 100 days and then 130 days. Onward. See ya Mark

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one day at a time

April 25, 2015

abbreviated sleep last night and had to work early.  anxiety ocd kinda strong today.  texted some freinds about my thinking and finally got myself to a place where (even if i dont necessarily believe it) the thought went thru my head that i'm right where god wants me and all i have to do is the next right thing.  some days are better than others.  highlight of the day is playing video games with my nephews that i am ignoring to write this.  

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April 25, 2015

well is anyone there  i am starting today  help

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April 25, 2015

I went to my niece's wedding shower today in a neighboring town that has a small casino.  After the shower, I decided to stop in for awhile and try my luck.  I have not been in a casino since I quit.  I was a little leary of going because of all the smoke and frankly I was afraid that it would be a huge temptation.  Turned out to be just the opposite.  I people watch - and was literally amazed to see all the chain smokers - sitting there glued to their slot machine... Read full post

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