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MustangSally7705 posted a comment on this blog post | YOU CAN DO IT!
I will always be here from day 1 to _ _ or _ _ _ and even if you have to start but you are on day 66 and I hold you high esteem and am amazed at seeing what we together can accomplish on our own, or...
(13 minutes ago)

MustangSally7705 posted a comment on this blog post | please pray
I know this is long overdue, but tis' the season for getting and staying sick, but you are a new creation in Christ Jesus and are healing more with every passing day! Stay well honey am...
(39 minutes ago)

MustangSally7705 posted a comment on this blog post | A Christmas miracle!
All I can say is all the above. I'm speechless once again. Thanks! :-P
(42 minutes ago)



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December 21, 2014

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note on my 66th day of freedom to say hello, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all my fellow ex'rs. 

Many thanks for the Elders of this site for taking the time to share thier accumaltaed knowledge and thanks to the Newbies for sharing your journey for it helped me immensly to see others struggeling my struggles but more helpful were the one, two & three day success stories.............and then as it goes on.

If you are new to this site... Read full post

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please enjoy if you have not listened yet. Merry Christmas all!!!

December 20, 2014

It'sbeen 737 days since I quit

December 20, 2014

haven't been on here in about a year, been taking care of my husband who has been very ill, yesterday he passed away. You know what never even thought about smoking that's a good thing. a friend of mine came over to visit she is having health problems i know from smoking so i told her come on this site. this site really made the difference gave me a great foundation so much so that these past years my mom passing my husband so ill and him passing away, lots of stress and grief and... Read full post

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Change of Plans

December 20, 2014

Today was slated to be a down day, relaxing with a good book.  I had my Kindle all charged, a Christmas book downloaded, a cup of tea brewed---and then the phone rang.  My daughter had a hair appointment and wondered if the kids could come over for a bit.  Much to my delight, a little bit turned into 10 hours.

There was a day, not so long ago, that if my plans didn’t go exactly as designed, I would be very anxious and in a testy state!  I could smile and be nice on... Read full post

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A dream that came true...:)

December 20, 2014


I never thought I could do it, I never dared to imagine I'd be so strong and now I can't even remember me smoking, it just seems so..weird. This is the hardest thing I've ever done but also the thing I'm most proud of achieving.. Everything is better now in my life and I feel healthier and happier.. I feel FREE, like when I was a child :)

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